Greedy Pig : 1989 – 1992

In the mid eighties when Greedy Pig gave out it’s first grunt on vinyl, punk and new wave were at the height of the boom in Finland. Though southern style – rock’n’roll wasn’t very popular at that time these guys wanted to boogie and they kept their head. The band’s name and die hard- attitude on stage earned regognition across the table from rock’n’roll to new wave. “We played hard an’ loud, we were real punk – boogie – drillers!”

After a few singles came the band’s debut- album Rye Rye Man. Songs like “Ain’t no substitute’, Drinkin’ bad water, an’ Sweet little darlin’ ” got good air play and made the band a name in r&b and rock ‘n’ roll circles.

Greedy Pig : 1992 – 1995

The second album Junkfood continued along the same lines with slightly rougher sounds and sturdier beat. “Livin’ on junkfood , Medicine Man and Mule called America ” were songs that seemed to be most popular among the fans. Between and after releasing the two albums Greedy Pig toured in Scandinavia and played a few gigs with the famous British r&b group Dr Feelgood.

But rock ‘n’ roll -life and livin’ on junkfood took it’s toll and part of the band wanted to see the ” normal life” (what’s that?) and active touring with this line-up ended. But the main thing – music – kept on smouldering…

The Drills : 1995 – 1998

The flame burst out again in -95 when GP’s singer/songwriter started a new band called The Drills. The band consentrated more on touring than studiowork and one bootleg “swampmusic” was the only thing that game out from The Drills. The music was a mixture of laid back southern moods and hard- bite guitar rhytms spiced with nasty blues harmonica and bottleneck- guitar.

The band’s motto was “Ya just can’t drill a rock by listenin’ to that fuckin’ finn-tango-shit!”. Even though nothing was released songs like “stompin’ grounds”, “Idle motion”, and “Trouble ridin'” were written, the latter one being included here. Meanwhile…

Greedy Pig : 1999 – 2000

The behind the scene – work of Greedy Pig’s manager paid off and joined players from Drills and GP with British guitar legend Mick Green from The Pirates. The Mick Green band made a tour in spring -99 playing famous Pirates songs. In the audience you could find everything from fifties haircuts, pony tails and bell – shaped skirts to iroquois – heads with leather an’ chrome outfit.

That’s right! Teddies, punks and motorheads rockin’ their brains out without hostilities. Unfortunately tight schedule prevented the originally planned studio-sessions. Mick’s earlier engagements with Van Morrison and Paul McCartney were more pressing at that time. But successful tour left all parties determined to play together again and gave also a new spark to Greedy Pig’s effort.

Greedy Pig: 2000 – 2001

After Mick Green- band tour Greedy Pig did random gigs and kept the motor running to prove right once again the message of the song “Ain’t no substitute”.

“Rock’n’roll is a lifestyle, it’s something in common to those on stage and those in front of it whether you’re fifteen or sixty. When it comes to rock’n’roll the main thing is the music not changing trends or styles.”

Greedy Pig : 2001 – 2006

Hello good looking women, punks and boogie-drillers!

Lucky stroke ! There´s been real good stuff going on with the band during these four years (r&r included) like:

– Some good gigs & social misbehaviour, fights and shotgun-threats

– New rock and roll songs & broken legs, wrists and hipbone and marriages of course ! (4 recorded and 4 splinted and plastered)

– Different kinda stimulant consumption – in good and bad & kidney injury.

– Close shave, in and under water (trout is a fish and bassplayer is a drunkfish)

And finally some changes in the crew which lead to a current situation and revelation. The fuckin’ Pig’s alive and livin’ pretty dirty at the pigsty. DAMN !

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